Client Testimonials

 “In my professional capacity as a workforce development professional and as a job seeker, I have neither met nor worked with an individual that comes even close to possessing the experience, knowledge, and wisdom that Leland does. Leland’s methodical and nuanced approach prepared me emotionally and intellectually to thrive during panel interviews. His voice and words have not just a calming effect, but they empower me!”
– Karen Dick, Workforce Development


 “I started to see Leland because of a difficult situation at work. Our work together turned into much more than solving that single issue. He helped me to see that being a better leader and knowing more about what makes me tick as a professional and as a person could deliver benefits far beyond this particular issue. I go into every session knowing that I’ll learn something new, that I will be challenged in a way that makes me uncomfortable and that I will leave with greater confidence and clarity than when I arrived. Along the way there will always be some laughs as well. It’s been a terrific journey.”
– Greg Ligotti, Senior Finance Director


Leadership Training & Development.

“What makes Leland special isn’t his meticulous attention to detail or his uncanny ability to skillfully name “elephants in rooms” especially when high powered egos are present, no! What makes Leland special is that he is one of the most disciplined, compassionate and skilled facilitators I have ever had the distinct pleasure of partnering with. Because Leland has successfully lead several business operations, he knows how to drive sustainable results. Leland is truly a triple threat as a business man, skilled trainer/facilitator as well as a prolific executive coach.”
– G. Anthony Ramsey, Prologis – Senior Learning & Development Manager


Presentation Skills Coaching

“In 2012, when I was tasked by my board of directors to take over as the lead presenter at our annual community stakeholder meeting, I was nervous and anxious. Leland came to my aid and worked closely with my business partner and I for a over two months to refine our presentation and dial in the key points of our pitch. We knocked our presentation out of the park in front of hundreds of city and community leaders. Now, our only problem is our board wants us to do be the lead presenters every year. We have presented for three straight years and the event keeps getting better and better, and so do we. Leland skillfully mentors and coaches us each year and his guidance is the key to our development. We could not be more appreciative of his efforts and there is no question these presentations have advanced our professional credibility and our careers. His guidance and feedback were always spot on and felt almost intuitive. He helps you find what works for you, always guiding you to present your most authentic and empowered self, and it works. He is brilliant and I am proud to call him both my friend and my mentor.”
– Steve Snider, District Manager for the Downtown Oakland and Lake-Merritt Uptown District Associations

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