Our Mission

Our mission is to assist you in your growth and evolution as a leader. Leaders are multi-dimensional and our coaching philosophy centers around coaching the whole person, not just a single area.

My coaching method is driven by asking thought-provoking questions that lead to the on-going uncovering of your leadership style and your readiness to take action through higher self awareness.  I believe it is crucial to incorporate a holistic approach to leadership, which includes mind, body and spirit. Spirit in the sense of your being a part of something bigger than oneself.

Through coaching you will develop the professional, emotional and physical stamina that will allow you to be more creative in thought and take the actions needed for your success. You will gain a better understanding of team development, and professionalism with an emphasis on how you show up as a leader every day.  Each coaching session builds upon the prior with the goal of gaining trust, momentum and continuity throughout the coaching process. Each session is individually tailored to leverage the client’s identified strengths and opportunities while unlocking their full leadership potential. 

We help our clients dig deep for a clearer understanding of what goals to set, determine action steps toward achievement, and how to learn, recover and grow from setbacks. This approach encourages a more holistic leadership style, resulting in increased productivity and morale. It encourages clients to push past current or perceived limitations and go beyond yesterdays’ achievements. Above all, we reinforce that leaders must be willing to risk discovering something new about themselves and what they stand for.