The Health and Fitness Choice

A key component of leadership is the physical stamina to get the job done. You are a business athlete and it’s important to be mindful of that as you pursue your leadership journey.  Your health and fitness should not be at the whim of a fad diet or gimmicky workout routine. To enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle it must become your lifestyle and not a flash in the pan. It’s important to think longterm when it comes to health and fitness. Our goal is to assist you with those longterm goals so you can push through the challenges of being a great leader.

  • Featured Routine:

    • The compound exercise series that works the entire body with movements the way you naturally move

      • Bench Press

      • Dead Lift

      • Swats

      • Overhead Press

      • Pull-ups

      • Dips

        **For each exercise 3 sets are suggested with 8-10 reps a set. Use a weight you can control and maintain form throughout.

  • Add this to your daily routine:

    • Daily meditation or just a few moments of planned silence

    • 10 minutes of cardio to warm up before strength training (jogging on the treadmill, then stretch)

    • 30 minutes of cardio on non-strength training days (Run, Treadmill, bike, dance). Just get the heart rate up

  • Eat for life

    • Eat 4-6 small balanced meals per day instead of the BIG 3. Drink plenty of water. Re-train your brain and your metabolism.

    • Limit your intake of processed sugar and rely on natural sugars from fruit and vegetables. I personally love raw honey to sweeten things up.

    • Ease up on the processed food. Treat yourself to natural foods more often. Your body will love and reward you for it.