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R.A.F.T.  – Reflect, Assess, Formulate, and Take Action
R.A.F.T.  – Reflect, Assess, Formulate, and Take Action 266 246 Leland

The Power of Reflection in Leadership Welcome to our R.A.F.T. series, where we dive into the four essential steps leaders should incorporate into their leadership toolbox. In this post, we will focus on the first step, reflection, and discuss its importance in leadership development. The Importance of Reflection in Leadership:  Reflection is a crucial foundational…

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How do you communicate?
How do you communicate? 266 246 Leland

Are you looking to enhance your communication with your team?   Effective communication is critical and necessary as leaders strive for higher engagement and performance. At LTCoaching, we have designed a short Communications Quiz with this in mind – making it easier for you to examine your current communications standards.  This quiz allows you to…

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P.I.P. Management
P.I.P. Management 266 246 Leland

What is a Performance Improvement Plan and How Does it Work? Most managers have heard of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), but only some understand the details and how to utilize one effectively. This blog post will explain a PIP, why it’s necessary, who is responsible for its success or failure, and how to use…

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3 Way’s Handle Difficult Conversations
3 Way’s Handle Difficult Conversations 266 246 Leland

Today is the day to finally have that conversation you’ve been dreading to start with your boss, peer or direct report. Stop beating around the bush, or soon it will be a tumbleweed of regrets if you don’t take the time to talk about the challenges you face. Drop the stick, formulate your thoughts, and…

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The Coaching Journey
The Coaching Journey 266 246 Leland

Are you ready and willing to commit? As a leader, your personal growth and development are the primary motivation for seeking out an executive coach. While those around you will also see improvements in your focus, stamina, and results-driven mindset, coaching is ultimately a personal journey. The benefits of coaching will extend beyond just you,…

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