How do you communicate?

How do you communicate? 266 246 Leland

Are you looking to enhance your communication with your team?


Effective communication is critical and necessary as leaders strive for higher engagement and performance. At LTCoaching, we have designed a short Communications Quiz with this in mind – making it easier for you to examine your current communications standards.  This quiz allows you to self-reflect and improve your communication style, from one-on-one conversations to addressing communication missteps between teammates and other communication avenues.  


With continuous reflection and taking action on the communication between you and your team members, you can expect an increase in morale, fewer misunderstandings, and more trust among teammates-leading to increased productivity.  You’ll enjoy renewed energy levels in communication across the board, with fewer missed opportunities and commitments that go unaddressed when goals are in motion.  Today’s quiz is an investment that will pay dividends down the road!


Only take the attached Communications Quiz if you are open to reflecting and want to improve! Then decide how to change the communication between you and your team! Your role will always be to model the behavior you expect.


To get started, click here →Communications Quiz