Welcome to Leland Thompson Coaching. As a leadership coach, I am committed to assisting you in gaining clarity about your goals by focusing on what you truly want and expect from your desired vocation. I coach and guide as you identify, examine, and achieve tangible solutions. I bring my 20 plus years experience of leading teams and coaching leaders to each client interaction.

My coaching philosophy centers on you accepting the responsibilities and the challenges of leadership by always giving it your best and in return, expecting the best from those around you. Through coaching my clients learn that leadership is a lifelong journey of growth, development, and self-discovery.

Let’s begin your journey together.

*Client/Co-facilitator Testimonial*

“… because Leland has successfully led several business operations, he knows how to drive sustainable results. Leland is truly a triple threat as a business man, skilled trainer/facilitator as well as a prolific executive coach.” – G. Anthony Ramsey, Sr Learning & Development Manager.